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Shadows of Birds

Shadows of Birds

By: Richard J. Zieman and        Joel Cornfield

Glass Apple Theatre

The Edge

Director: Cheryl Snodgrass

Carpentry: Andrei Onegin,          Seagull Workshop

Lighting Design: Shelbi Arndt

Costumes: Gary Nocco

Properties: Izzy Topete

Photography: Mike Hari

Just out of rehab, Nicole tries to reconcile with her mother Barbara, and her older brother, Kyle.  Years of estrangement, regret and acrimony complicate their tempestuous relationships, and the sudden absence of Nicole’s rehab counselor threatens to undo all the progress she’s made.  The play is a heartfelt examination of how the present opioid crisis in the United States is felt by one average family, and how the ravages of addiction decimate not only the addict, but those in their orbit who love them as well.

Drafting & Renderings

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