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A Little Night Music

A Little Night Music

Music & Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

Book: Hugh Wheeler

Bohemian Theatre Ensemble

Director: Linda Fortunato

Tech Director: Becca Venable

Music Director: Tom Vendafreddo

Lighting: G. "Max" Maxin

Costumes: Christina Leinicke

Properties: Mealah Heidenreich

Photography: Liz Lauren

Actress Desiree Armfeldt is having an affair with the buffoonish, already-married Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm. But when she spots her old flame Fredrik in the audience of her most recent production, her interest in him is immediately rekindled. Fredrik, however, has recently married the 18-year-old virgin Anne, with whom Fredrik’s own melancholic son Henrik has fallen in love. When all parties meet for a weekend in the country, this tangled web of romantic involvements comes to a head.

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