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Edge of Life

Edge of Life

By: Joel Cornfield

Inglis Hall, Glass Apple Theatre

The Athenaeum - Studio 3

Director: Brian McKnight

Tech Director: Darren Lee Brown

Lighting: Michael Goebel

Costumes: Gary Nocco

Projections: Chris Owens

Photography: Rich Hein

Edge of Life highlights the extremes with which society deals with the act of dying in its literal juxtaposition of Bill Erickson, whose cancer has progressed to the point that he is determined to end his ineffective chemotherapy, against the elderly and essentially comatose Gertrude Hall. Caught firmly in the middle between Bill, who happens to be his old football coach, his new love interest, Nurse Heather Jennings and the medical establishment, is surgeon Jake Forest as he struggles with his own cynicism and the conflicting responsibilities of his job as opposed to his obligations as a physician.


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